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Glenview at a Glance

Located in the Oakland foothills, the Glenview resides in the heart of the city. Its arterial road, Park Boulevard, connects highways 13 and 580. Park marks the path that fallen redwoods took to the lumberyards over a century ago, and along which ranchers drove their carts before the first crop of tract bungalows sprung up. In 2010, a century after the area went from wilderness to subdivision, the Glenview business district thrives. Fine restaurants, retail services, parks and friendly residents make this a great place to call home.

This Holiday Season: Donate to the Alameda County Community Food Bank

Your neighbors in the Glenview and Dimond neighborhood associations invite you to donate funds to those in need this holiday season. The Alameda County Community Food Bank launched an online campaign that makes food and monetary donations easy. To make a contribution, visit "Virtual Food Drive" and click on "Shop."

You may use your credit card at the ACCFB virtual food store and select the food you would like to donate, or click "Donate Now" after entering the amount you want to contribute towards ending hunger in our area. Note that your donation is tax-deductible: The Alameda County Community Food Bank tax ID# is 94-2960297.

As the ACCFB reminds us, "We can stretch every $1 you donate into $5 worth of food with the Food Bank's bulk purchasing power and ultra-efficient distribution network." If every subscriber on the Glenview and Dimond email lists donated just $10, we would raise over $20,000, which would buy $100,000 worth of food for our area. Thank you for helping your community put food on the table.

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It is also a wonderful spot to visit. The Glenview Neighborhood Association welcomes visitors to the district and encourages neighbors to sign up for membership. Your donations will connect you with the community and go to sustain several improvement projects. To donate your support, please contact us. And if you have any suggestions for this site, email us and share your feedback. You can also become a member (starting at $25 for individuals) online:

The Glenview Neighborhood Association • 4200 Park Blvd., PMB111 • Oakland, CA 94602 •

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